2015 Yearling Heifers

We still have a couple of 2015 heifers for sale.

Give the photos time to load, there are over 70 of them. Click on the image to bring up information about the heifer and  to get to the manual slide show.

LEA Ledaig
ledaig and leigh
LEA Ledaig
LEA Ledaig
LEA Leigh
LEA Leigh
LEA Leigh
leigh, lottie lael and loki
leigh, lottie and lael
ledaig, leigh lottie and loki
Leigh, Ledaig and Lottie
LEA Liza
livvy, liza and lainey in may 2016
LEA Liza
LEA Liza
LEA Liza
LEA Lael
lael with loki
lael and lottie
lael and loki in May of 2016
lael 4
LEA Lael
LEA Lida
Lida in 9/16
LEA Lida
Lida and Layla 9/16
LEA Layla  9/16
layla  5-16
lida, layla june 16
Layla in May, 2016
Layla 9/16
LEA Layla
LEA Loki
loki and leigh
lacewing and loki in July 2016
Hadley with calf LEA Loki
LEA Lilith
LEA Lilith
LEA Lilith 9/16
lilith sept
LEA Lilith
LEA Lola
lottie 6
lottie (5)
lottie (3)
lottie 6
lottie (4)
lottie (2)
LEA Lacewing 9/16
LEA Lacewing
lottie lacewing and lilith in september
lacewing, loki and lilith september
LEA Lacewing 7/16
LEA Lacewing
LEA Lacewing
Holyoke with Lyric at side.
LEA Lyric
Holyoke and LEA Lyric
Hedy's dun
LEA Jamie Lee
LEA Jamie Lee NFS at this time

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