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LEA Lars

Lars was a late fall-born calf who was chosen at a young age for possible herd sire material.  His growth proved phenomenal on grass.  As a fall born calf, weaned in the late spring, he virtually never touched grain. He weaned with a 205 day weight of 496#, an excellent weight for any of our fall born calves which tend to be lighter in weaning weight than our spring born animals. Highest 205 day weight for the fall bulls was 512#- in a late August born calf.  Lars was born the very end of October.) We used Lars for the first time on a group of 10 females, many of them heifers.  We were pleased with the birth weights of these first calves, particularly out of my first heifers:  weights in the 45-60# range.  After 9 of the 10 calves were on the ground, with every one of them being black, dun or silver, I had Lars DNA tested for red/black color.  He is homozygous for black (and also carries a single dilute gene) so that he CAN ONLY produce calves that are black, dun or silver.  He cannot sire red, yellow or white calves.

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