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LEA Raleigh

Raleigh was born on our farm in 1997.  His sire was Weatherhill Donald Ruadh, and his dam LEA Mystic, was a daughter of one of the best cows we ever bred, LEA Independence.

Raleigh proved to be an exceptional bull, passing on his easy fleshing metabolism and his easy going disposition to his daughters and sons.  We kept a number of his offspring in the herd, and they have been reliable, broody cows. Raleigh is an AHCA certified Impact Sire, a designation granted only to bulls with daughters that have proven track records.

Raleigh also produced a number of fine show winners as well.  For example, LEA Voodoo and LEA Vamp were  Division winners at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. A number of Raleigh's sons have been sold to herds in other states, including Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kansas.  As a dun, he will throw virtually all the solid colors, including black, dun, red, yellow, silver and white.  His semen is available at Great Lakes Sires in Bronson, Michigan.Contact us at LEA-White Farms for purchase and to arrange delivery. Raleigh's calves have been small and vigorous at birth.  Bull calves averaged 71.74 pounds and Heifers averaged 68.57#, with an overall average calf birth weight of 69.74#

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