DH Montgomery

We used Montgomery for 12 years.  He produced both top show winners and excellent brood cows for the working herd. His sire was the great show Champion, DH White Gold, and his dam was a quality cow, Drover Hill's Lear-Ghaoth,a female with tremendous longevity.  She was 19 years old when her last calf recorded in the herd book.


  Montgomery was an incredibly good natured bull.  I remember putting a halter on him when he was 9 years old.  He hadn't been in a halter since he was a yearling.  He stood for the halter to go on, and walked behind me like he had done in every day for the past 7 years.  Quite amazing.  It says a lot for the bull, but the basic truth is, that is typical of the breed too.


 These photos don't do justice to him.  He was an incredibly powerful bull, with as straight a hip and top line as you can find.  He had excellent feet and legs, a deep, thick body and moderate height.

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Montegomery at 4 years of age.
Montgomery at 6
Montgomery at 3
At 3 years of age
DH Montgomery
Montgomery at 8.
Montgomery, at  12 years.
Montgomery at 10.
Monte daughter Echelon with Jordyn
LEA Echelon
LEA Cybele
Willow with her Raleigh daughter.
Dark Lady
Whimsy with Willow behind

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Reserve Grand Champion UP State Fair 201
Callie Nelson leading him out as Reserve
In the ring at Denver
Reserve Grand Champ NWSS Denver 2019
World Beef Expo Supreme competition unde
In the ring at Denver 2019
Grand Champ at the Michigan State Fair 2
World Beef Expo  2018
In his working clothes, 2020
NWSS Denver 2019
Getting ready for Denver, 2019
UP State Fair, Reserve Grand 2018
free at last
Winning North Central in 2018
Winning World Beef Expo in 2018