LEA Maelstrom

Maelstrom was a exceptional bull from a very early age.  He stood out in the calf crop: excellent growth, muscling, length and conformation were evident almost immediately.  He proved to have a quiet and cooperative disposition as well. He was shown as a calf at Denver, and won a Reserve Division Championship, and again as a long yearling at the Michigan State Fair MASH, where he took his division. Maelstrom was sold literally right out of the breeding herd as a 2 year old.  Although we only have a few calves by him on the ground, they are so far very impressive even as babies. Their depth and width is impressive.

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Maelstrom at 1 1/2 years
Maelstrom at 2
Maelstrom at 2.
Maelstrom at 9 months.
Maelstrom at the State Fair
Maelstrom at 9 months
Maelstrom at 5 months.
Maelstrom calf
Maelstrom calf
Maelstrom calf

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Reserve Grand Champion UP State Fair 201
Callie Nelson leading him out as Reserve
In the ring at Denver
Reserve Grand Champ NWSS Denver 2019
World Beef Expo Supreme competition unde
In the ring at Denver 2019
Grand Champ at the Michigan State Fair 2
World Beef Expo  2018
In his working clothes, 2020
NWSS Denver 2019
Getting ready for Denver, 2019
UP State Fair, Reserve Grand 2018
free at last
Winning North Central in 2018
Winning World Beef Expo in 2018