Weatherhill Donald Ruadh

Weatherhill Donald Ruadh (Dozer) was a long, heavily muscled bull more typically Scottish in appearance, who tended to pass his heavy muscling and long body on to his offspring. He was light red, with an excellent disposition. He damaged his horn as a calf, and as a a result, one horn grew upright as normal, the other went down.  Dozer was a grandson of the great Guille Buidhe of Benmore, and like his grandsire, was a thick, Scottish style bull.  He sired some absolutely superb daughters and more than a few very good bulls. We still have a couple of his daughters in the herd; as a rule they are quiet, calm cows with excellent mothering skills and very good udders.  A number of Dozer's offspring did very well in the show ring as well as performing as top notch brood cows.


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Dozer at 4
Dozer as a mature bull
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Reserve Grand Champion UP State Fair 201
Callie Nelson leading him out as Reserve
In the ring at Denver
Reserve Grand Champ NWSS Denver 2019
World Beef Expo Supreme competition unde
In the ring at Denver 2019
Grand Champ at the Michigan State Fair 2
World Beef Expo  2018
In his working clothes, 2020
NWSS Denver 2019
Getting ready for Denver, 2019
UP State Fair, Reserve Grand 2018
free at last
Winning North Central in 2018
Winning World Beef Expo in 2018